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Getting There


Your adventure at Aerobus Lake Wilderness Resort starts on the 25 km (16 miles) dirt Aerobus Lake Road to our boat landing. This road is maintained, but is still considered rugged and needs a high clearance vehicle.

From our boat landing you will travel across 2 miles of water to Aerobus Lake Wilderness Resort, located on a central peninsula.

Best way to Fly

  • Using your nearest airport, fly into Winnipeg Richardson International Airport
    • Go through Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) screening in the Customs Hall.
    • Pick up your luggage from the International Arrivals Hall.
    • Proceed to Departures Level 2 to go through domestic pre-board screening for your next flight.
  • Using Bearskin Airlines, fly to RED LAKE, ONTARIO. (50 minute flight)
  • Arrange pick-up with us to be transported from RED LAKE to our boat landing. (approx 2 hour drive) Be sure to ask about this addition ahead of time