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Fishing on Aerobus Lake

Aerobus Lake stands as a premier destination for anglers drawn to its rich diversity of fish species and unique rugged landscape. Spanning an expansive 5000 plus acreage, this remote haven boasts deep, cold waters that serve as the ideal habitat for trophy-sized Lake Trout, aggressive Northern Pike, spirited Smallmouth Bass, and the prized Yellow Perch. In addition to these coveted catches, the occasional Walleye adds a touch of excitement to the angler’s pursuit.

Beneath the surface, the lake’s depths harbor a thriving ecosystem, enticing fishermen to test their skills against the challenges of its underwater terrain. Whether trolling the depths for monster Trout or casting along the rocky shores for feisty Pike, Aerobus Lake promises an exhilarating fishing adventure amidst the untamed wilderness of Northern Ontario.

Aerobus Lake FACTS

  • Aerobus Lake Wilderness Resort is the ONLY resort on the lake!
  • 5200 Surface Acreage
  • 36 Miles of Shoreline
  • 8 Miles from one end to the other
  • Over 200 feet deep in certain areas on the southern end of the lake
  • Cold, clear water lake with a vast ecosystem
  • Access to three Portage Lakes. A short hike leads to boats and motors stored on portage lakes for a day of adventure.
  • Fish species include Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Small Mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Walleye, Burbot (Eelpout), and more

Boats & Motors

  • 15/20 HP YAMAHA Motors
  • 14/16 FT Aluminum Boats
  • Swivel Seats
  • 1st tank of gas included in packages
  • We assign boats based on group sizes
  • Basic safety equipment, anchor, nets, stringer, and oars are provided in boats
  • You can bring your own boat and receive the first 10 gallons of gas free

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