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Dec 2023 Holiday Letter

One of the many blessings this time of year is to connect with friends and family to express our thanks and appreciation. Growing up on Aerobus Lake, at Timber Point Camp, and sharing it with people like you, is an experience we will always be thankful for. Our summers were filled with water, adventures in nature, rich stories, lots of laughter and of course – lots of fish! The way of life is simpler up there, and we gained a deep respect for the natural world around us. Our parents, Mike and Marlene Johnson, bought Timber Point Camp in 1989 when Jessica was 7; later that first season Jodie was born in Dryden and Jeff came along in 1992 to complete the pack.

Over the last three decades our guests became close friends – and even better – like family to us. You watched us grow and helped shape our world and because of this intimate relationship, you were also witness to some of our family’s most vulnerable moments.

Our business lives and family lives often have blurred lines and we want to be transparent about the ups and downs because it is real. This is the truthful nature of owning and operating a family business. All of our successes and struggles have been on display and this is deep – just like the south end of Aerobus Lake. 😊

Your continued gracious support throughout the years is met with gratitude and appreciation. We thank you!

Moving forward – there is great news to be shared. Jessica, Jeff, and Jodie (The “J” Team), will be taking over Timber Point Camp together, and we will be reopening in May 2024. We are so excited to finally be able to come together as a family and make it work even better.

The Point’s future was uncertain – however – we feel like this was meant to be just as the land had intended – as the saying goes… all good things come to those who wait.

We will start accepting bookings after Jan 8, 2024. Please be on the lookout for another email that will be sent out with more information on booking details. We also want to note that any deposits paid back in 2019 to “Steve and Jessica’s Timber Point Camp” will be honoured. We will be registering the business under a new name with a fresh start – however – this will not negate promises or commitments made to you in the past. The Point is in good shape despite some bad weather (high water) over the last few years. The main dock and the landing dock were badly damaged and all the docks really took a beating. We have plans already in place to have this fixed up for guests arrival in the Spring of 2024. Jeff will be on site while Jess and Jodie will be business support, mostly from the stateside – with plans to pop in and out throughout the season – so you just never know who you’ll see on The Point!

The fishing on Aerobus is still just as wild and wonderful as always! The Lake Trout are plentiful and hungry for the bite and one new trend is the Smallmouth Bass population, that has really taken off. They are offering a fun and action packed fishing experience for all ages on Aerobus Lake in addition to the Northern Pike. The Bass are numerous and strike fast and hard and are delicious to eat – with a firm white meat from a fresh cold water lake.

With the recent population growth of a new species to target, the fishing has evolved and we are excited to learn new spots and explore the lake that we’ve fished for over 30 years!

We are thrilled about the future of The Point! We have some new ideas that we will be implementing in the upcoming years. So make sure you follow us on social media for teasers as we release more information. We will always cater to our fishing family and are looking to increase the awareness of the unique ecology around us by creating more offerings for all to enjoy and new adventures to embark on. We are also working on implementing new alternative energy solutions. A focus on the comfort inside the cabins and touching up the outsides will be carried out over the next couple of years as well.

We truly cannot wait to connect with you all again! We look forward to seeing familiar faces and to meet new friends, as well. We do not have a camp phone number set up yet, so for the time being, all communication can be sent to this email: – and one of us will be in touch from there.

Thank you for your continued support!

Many blessings and well wishes of catching fishes to you all,

The “J” Team – Jessica, Jeff and Jodie